The Roleplaying assistant  v.7 13

Also known as RPA, RolePlaying Assistant can help you to create the most complex and beautiful characters that you can imagine and that are ready to be easily included into your RPG games.

Roleplaying City Map Generator  v.5 40

Roleplaying gamemasters know how time-consuming the generation of city maps can be. The Roleplaying City Map Generator does this job comfortably in few minutes requiring only a couple of mouseclicks for generating and printing realistic maps of e. g.


Core Roleplaying Ruleset (CRR)  v.1.0

The Core Roleplaying Ruleset (CRR) is a set of scripts written in NWNScript for use in developing modules for use with Biowares game offering, Neverwinter Nights to provide an experience very similar to the pen and paper version of AD&D.

Roleplaying assistant  v.5 4

A set of Dungeon master tools that generates characters for Dungeons and Dragons, Star Wars and Cyberpunk role-playing games. RPA can also generate names, spell books, and equipment as well as function as a dice roller to build character attributes.

Roleplaying Assistant 6.44e  v.1.0

This character generator is compatible with Star wars, Cyberpunk , Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Alternity , Rolemaster and In Nomine Satanis Magna veritas (French version by CROC) D20 Modern and Star wars D20 Role playing game systems. It is a

In Nomine  v.3 2

In Nomine is a modern roleplaying game in which the players take the part of celestial beings - angels and demons - as they struggle for control of humanity and themselves.

EverQuest: Escape to Norrath  v.1.0

Experience the award winning world of Norrath for free in EverQuest Escape to Norrath.

Wazzal  v.1 2

Wazzal is a single-player roleplaying game that takes place in outer space. In the year 2314, you have been hired as a crewmember in a small cargo spaceship named Wolf IV. Its job is to trade goods with distant human colonies.

Magebane 2  v.

Magebane 2 is a 3D strategic roleplaying game. In this single-player game, you will control three monks, whose mission is to recover the holy amulet of Yendor.

MasterPlan  v.8 6

Masterplan is a Win32(9x/NT), utility designed primary for gamemasters of roleplaying games. The MasterPlan software can for be used to create events, people, places, monsters, treasures, items, etc. with unique attributes.

RolePlayingMaster  v.4. 5. 2005

The purpose of RolePlayingMaster is to make your roleplaying experience more enjoyable. This is done by giving you software that: - Generates characters, adventures, random dungeons, and much more. - Works it all out for you.

Driftmoon  v.0.52

Driftmoon is an adventure-oriented roleplaying game, with focus on storytelling, exploring and quests.

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